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Fun facts about the roulette wheel


If you have ever been to a casino before, you will know that the roulette wheel is one of the more likely machines you will end up on. Every outcome provides unrivalled tension, as the ball could land on any number, unlike games such as blackjack where your fate can be determined as soon as you see your second card. It is for this reason then, that most people surround the roulette tables and while you are unlikely to want to make new friends whilst concentrating on your stake, it might be nice to provide some fun facts and impress, should your luck be down on any particular evening.

Roulette is popular

Roulette has been proved to the third most popular game to have a punt on in a casino. Only slots and craps rank ahead of the wheel-based selection game in the popularity contest. In Europe however, roulette is considered to be the most popular game. Some casinos will even include eight to twelve roulette tables across their casino floor, whilst only making room for three or four blackjack tables.

Green around the edges

Several roulette wheels have been known to have both a zero and a double-zero on them. In Paris around the late 1790’s, casinos put a strategy in place that saw red used for the single zero and black for the double zero. This was confusing to players however, so the colour green was selected for the zero sections on roulette wheels, starting in the 1800’s.

Strategy doesn’t pay

Albert Einstein once famously said, "You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it." He was however, correct, as there are no consistent strategies to win money on a roulette table. You will simply have to show up, sit down and hope your luck is in, because every spin on a roulette wheel is completely individual from the last.

American Edge

Early American tables only went up to the number 28 and not the traditional 36. The tables not only had fewer numbers, but they also incorporated a zero, a double zero, and an ‘Eagle Slot’. The ‘Eagle Slot’ was actually larger than the other squares, and quickly become very unpopular with bankrupt players, causing them to be removed from the tables. Today, the Eagle Slot tables are extremely valuable should you be looking to purchase one.

Make sure you have a secure seat

Wheels that aren’t seated properly can cause the ball to land in areas of the wheel more than other sections, thus removing some of your probability of winning. You can detect a poorly seated wheel can by looking at the way the light bounces off the wheel and if you do find a wheel to be poorly seated, then it may be wise to switch tables, permanantly.

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