Names of Roulette Bets

So you are drawn to plunking down some of your hard earned cash on the roulette wheel? You aren’t alone. In fact, you are joining the hundreds of thousands of people that have been attracted to this popular game for centuries. Honestly though if you are a rookie how to bet can be a bit confusing as there are variety of options available to you and some even have really interesting names derived from the game’s history, but don’t fret. Here is an explanation of some the game’s wagers and how to perform them that will be sure to aid you all your future roulette endeavors.

Roulette wagers generally fall into two categories: inside and outside.

Inside Bets:

  • Keeping it basic. The simplest wager you can place is putting money down on the ball to fall into the pocket of one, solo number.
  • Split bets are when you can put your chips down on two numbers adjacent to one another.
  • Street bets, which can be called basket bets, where you can wager on three consecutive numbers
  • Corner or Square bets are taking it a level further and allowing you to bet on four numbers side-by-side
  • Top line bets are the same as their previous colleagues with the addition of five numbers
  • Splint or double street wagers incorporate six numbers alongside one another.

Outside Bets

  • The O or OO 1 to 18 is where you can bet on the first 18 numbers.
  • 19-36 covers the second set of numbers.
  • Red or black encompasses only the numbers that fall within those like color ranges.
  • Odd or even. This is when you can wager on numbers other than zero that are odd or even.
  • Dozen bets involve one of the three lines of numbers for a total of 12. So it work apply for 1-12. 12-24 or 24 to 36.

You can encounter other variations of betting depending on which version of roulette you play or if it’s online or in a casino. For example, European roulette offers an en route bet which enables you to decide if the ball lands on the zero, if you would like to lose half the bet or roll it over to the next spin.

Another thing that is important to keep in mind about roulette, is the dealer will ask you what color chips you would like to play with so it determines how much you spend on each one. Make sure to inquire what the prices are so you know how much money you are playing with. Also, place close attention because roulette has many different activities transpiring at the same time and it’s easy to misplace your bet if you aren’t following along.

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