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The world wide popularity of online roulette games has spawned a large number of both at home roulette games and roulette tools like probability and statistical calculators. Now you can download roulette and play or play online casino roulette, practice and just have fun without risking a single cent. The following applications are just a sample of the many available.

Roulette Passion 2.2

Roulette Passion is one of the most popular free roulette games available. The game is very intense and nearly hypnotizes players. The graphics of the spinning wheel, circling ball, and prospect of winning some big virtual dollars grabs players and doesn't let go. This software allows players to take part in the free Sorrento roulette game and also plays pleasant music over your speakers.

Classic Roulette 1.0

Classic Roulette is another very gripping game with excellent graphics. One the program starts it seems as if you have been literally transported into a whole new world of possibilities, probabilities, spinning wheels and balls, and fast money. The sense of excitement generated is very intense and great practice for the time when you are ready to move to a real money game.

Island Roulette 1.0

Island game is a free online roulette game that has not only wonderful graphics but a fantastic back story. This is the only online roulette game that we have found that actually puts the players in a totally unique environment. The story is centered on the sinking of a luxury ship of sail by a powerful storm. The ship was a total lost, losing all hands and passengers. Over the years lying at the bottom of the sea, the cold salt water destroyed nearly everything. Except the roulette wheel. You can choose different roulette variants. Now the magical wheel is used by the fish that live in the wreckage and you are more than welcome to join in and play.

Roulette Statistics 1.0

The fact that most professional players of roulette use tools to help them calculate the probabilities in a particular game is well known. What many people do not realize though is that they also use roulette game simulators to boost their playing skills. Roulette Statistics 1.0 is just such a simulator that uses European rules, including both La Partage and En Prison variations, and focuses on the statistical evaluation of the "win-win" system used at many online roulette games. It will give you a great spread of information on things like consecutive losses and color hits, along with a final tally when the game is over. This is not an animation so you have no worry about long wait times.

There are many other roulette games and tools like Roulette Monitor that are available and it is recommended that, if you are new to the game, to use them before you break out your Mastercard.

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