Even Bets in Roulette

Okay you have decided to play roulette. You’ve learned the basics, studied the history, and tried several variations both online and live, but you still are not satisfied with the cash you are leaving the table with. Well, is anyone really? But seriously, there are ways to improve your scores and it’s really fairly obvious. Even if you have the biggest stack of benjamins in the world you can’t increase the pile or even walk out the door with a comparable amount if you don’t know how to bet. Yes indeed. Sure some luck is involved and some experience, but if you don’t know how to lay your money down you will never reap the real rewards.

There are 36 numerical values on the wheel and obviously half are odd and half even. Of course you already know there are two kinds of wagers, the inside or outside bets, with inside being placed on the table that correlate directly to numbers on the wheel itself and the outside being boxes that are variations on other wagers.

If you peruse the literature, glean knowledge from expert minds, and simply perform a basic Internet search, all the information points in the direction of that the even bet is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. What that means is you are placing your money on the instance that the little ball slides onto an even number and that’s any even number. If you are victorious, it’s an even payout. $5 yields $10. Not bad at all.

Since the numbers are split 50-50 the general public sensibly thinks there is no advantage because the odds are even the ball will land on either side, however, you need to take into account the zero and double zero offsetting the split. That’s how casinos have one up on the players and why many prefer European roulette as it has only one zero. Hence, the online popularity of this version in the United States. It reduces the house edge by nearly half.

Although roulette offers a wide array of betting selections, the even bet is almost always the best path to follow for the reasons outlined above. It is also a no-brainer solution for those new to the game to learn how it functions, while making a little bit of money during the introduction phase. Makes a lot of sense once it’s pointed out to you. Doesn’t it?

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