Additional Roulette Bets in European Roulette

First fashioned after the model Blaise Pascal developed in his studies of perpetual motion during the 1600’s, the first known account of roulette was in Paris around 1796 and the first published work on the subject was released in 1801.

Obviously throughout the years the game has been modified, especially since the 19th century when it was the most popular game of chance worldwide. Modern day roulette consists of two wheel variants, the American and French versions with the main difference being America still utilizes the double zero pocket while the French offshoot, which is also known as European Roulette, only incorporates one zero in its game.

The European wheel has 37 numbered compartments that are oppositely black or red through the entire wheel structure. Green is the hue of the sole zero pocket and although the numbers seem to the naked eye to be placed haphazardly on the wheel’s surface, they are actually sequenced mathematically so each number has the same chance as its colleagues to produce victory.

European roulette is considered to be the better game to play because without the extra pocket, the player only forfeits a 2.7 advantage to the house rather than the 5.3 percent of the American version. Also, the European form has the policy of en route, which means if the ball does hit the zero a person has the choice to forfeit half of their original bet or stand tall and leave all of the wager to be played when the wheel is next spun.

European roulette employs the same chips used in casinos rather than the model that was developed specifically for the game in America, so for some players it becomes more challenging to maintain a line on their wagers, as the croupier pulls the chips from the table at a time he/she determines.

Like other variations of roulette, European roulette possesses two major categories of how money can be wagered, which are via inside bets where you wager on consecutive sets of one, two, three, four or six numbers and outside bets which consist of 12 or 18 groups of numbers. The same rules for standard wagers apply. What is interesting, however, that many gamblers are beginning to prefer European roulette online versus in the casino. They claim the house edge becomes even less negligible and there are many more variations to choose from. In fact, European roulette has become the most popular form that is participated in by Internet players.

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