Online Roulette

Free roulette online has always been one of the most popular casino games in the casino arena. As a matter of fact most people do not even consider it a casino unless a roulette wheel is on the premises. For much of its history roulette has been played exclusively in the casino setting. The institution of online roulette games and even free roulette games has changed the entire complexion of the games. The good thing is that, the winning tips and strategies of casino roulette games, as popularized by Frenchman Blaise Pascal, are transferable to online roulette games.

A New Sensation

new sensation

Online roulette games, like casino roulette are games of pure chance and luck. These games are supported by specialized software that allows the game to run non-stop. While the game is based on chance the use of probability mathematics is highly regarded as the best way to increase your chances of winning. It is impossible to change the houses edge, it is what it is on each bet, and no combination of bets will change the house´s edge on each bet. The table is set up the same way as it would be in a casino. Depending on whether you are playing the European roulette or American version of the game, the wheel will have either thirty six or thirty seven numbers. The American version includes both a zero and a double zero (00) in the betting order. The addition of this extra slot increases the chances of the player to win.

How to Play

Playing online roulette games is very easy. When you are ready to bet simply click the number, or other betting position, that you want to bet, complete all your bets and use the wheel icon to finish the process. When you want the wheel to stop, click the icon again. The rules are very simple and you can always stop and review them; and advantage you do not have at a casino. Playing in online roulette gamesis also much more relaxed. There is no need to get dressed up or even leave the comfort of your home. At a casino, if you are particularly skilled a casino has the option of barring you from games. Many experienced players have to actually disguise themselves to be able to play in any casino.

Both the house edge and players odds are the same at online casino roulette games as they are in the casino and most people will play the European roulette as opposed to American roulette simply because it is more convenient and easier. Because of this it is much more common to find the European version online than at land based casinos. Most online casinos also offer free spins to allow players to get the hang of the game and they have many promotions available. Money transfers are instanteous so there is no walking to the cage to cash in.

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