Roulette Table Layouts

The first time anyone sees the surface of a roulette table it can be a very confusing experience. There are not only a lot of numbers and colors on the wheel itself the table seems to be cluttered with what seems like dozens of boxes, all with different numbers, colors and different colored chips. The truth is that the table may seem complicated but is actually not and makes the game itself, already fairly simple, much simpler because it opens up an entire world of betting possibilities.

The Breakdown of the Table Layout

The table has two sections that should be fully understood before you place a single bet. It is composed of essentially two parts: The roulette wheel and the betting boxes. The wheel itself is composed of numbers, each number having two possible colors, red or black, and a small ball. The wheel is spun and, when it comes to rest, the ball will settle in one of the holes. The betting boxes, which seem so confusing, are actually fairly simple to puzzle out and even a few minutes of watching play will pretty much explain how they work

There are three rows of boxes with 12 boxes to a row. These boxes indicate the 36 possible bets that a player can make. The boxes are painted in two colors, red and black. There are two extra columns that are used for the zeros. Finally there are two boxes that are painted green and, unlike the other boxes, are not rectangular and are situated close to the head of the columns.

The Bets

Number Bets

  • 1-18 bets are considered low bets because they are bets on the first set of numbers
  • 19-36 bets are the high bets, on the last set of numbers

Even Money Bets

  • Any bet on either a color or an even or odd number, made as a bet on the location of the number, not the value are safer but will only pay out at 1:1.

Dozen Bets

  • There are three possibilities to make a dozen bet. You can bet on the first 12 numbers, the second 12 numbers or the third twelve numbers. If the balls fall into anyone of those holes you will win your bet.

Column Bets

  • There are three columns of number bets and you can place a bet that the ball will land on a number in one of the columns.

As you can see, the layout of the roulette table is not nearly as complex as it first appears. The trick is to learn to place your bets to increase the odds of your winning more bets than you lose,especially in European roulette.

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