Tricks to Manipulate Roulette Casino Game Odds in Your Favor

Although there are many casino games that you can easily manipulate to tilt the odds in your favor, roulette is not one of them.  There are just a couple of recommendation and tips that you could use to increase your chances but they do not guarantee to make you a millionaire. Anyway, you should probably try out one of those free online casinos first to make yourself comfortable with the game and only then play for real money.  So, here are the tricks you need to know to be a winner in roulette casino game.

Understand the roulette  table

Being one of the oldest casino games in existence, roulette is fun and rewarding and offers smart players ways to minimize losses and maximize winnings.  Before you play on a roulette table for the first time, check whether the machine has any biases that often significantly alter the field of play.  To do this, spin the wheel a few times and check the numbers, colors or sections of the wheel it stops at most.  If the casino has a choice of European and American roulettes, go with the European because American roulettes have an extra slot 00 that reduces the odds of winning, albeit slightly.

Minimize losses

The roulette is based purely on chance but after a few rounds of playing you should make a pattern that you will use to predict slots to bet on.  To minimize your losses, first you have to know how much to bet and withdraw your earnings when you win.  There are many strategies you can use but the most effective that is guaranteed to work are the ‘Martingale’ or ‘Double-up’ and ‘The James Bond’ roulette strategies

  • The Martingale strategy:  In this strategy, if betting on odd vs even numbers or black vs red, each time you lose you double the amount bet and then bet on the same color or odd vs even numbers.  You can begin the game by betting the minimum amount that the table requires and climb your way up but you must also remember there are tables that have a maximum amount you can bet.  It is possible to reach the maximum before you win anything.  For this strategy to work, you need to have enough cash to afford doubling up each time.
  • The James Bond roulette strategy: To play roulette using the James Bond strategy, you will need to have enough money to place multiple bets in a single roulette game.  You will spread out your bets by betting a total of $200 - $10 on zero, $50 on the six numbers (13 to18) and $140 on the high numbers (19-36).  This strategy spreads out the bets, and the winnings will be spread as well.  If zero wins, you get $160 profit, if numbers 13 to 18 win, $100 profit and if the high numbers 19 to 36 win you will realize a $80 profit.  The only way to lose in this strategy is if it stops at a number between 1 and 12.
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