Roulette Wheel - All Important Details

The Basics

The wheel on the table is the easiest part of the game to understand. The wheel is separated into two main colors, betting colors, of red and black sections, which are number 1-36, randomly. In European roulette there is a zero compartment and in American roulette there is a double zero (00) on the wheel. If you count the two possible zero positions there will be a total of 36 positions on the wheel and those two zero positions will only count as a single position and are dealt with on a first come, first serve basis. The bets that cover both under/even and under/odd all have 18 items.

Who Makes Roulette Wheels?

One of the largest suppliers of gambling products, with the exception of billiards products, which the company discontinued in the 1990´s, in the United States is the Caro company, originally named the Briolet company when it was opened in the 1920´s and Caro goes to great length to make sure that not only are the wheels tested and certified but that they are legally into the United States, which has standards that must be applied to any piece of gambling equipment that enters the country. Most wheels used in casinos across the country today are actually at least 15 years old and usually auction for from anywhere between $150 and $250. Older wheels or wheels used in famous casinos will usually bring a much higher price however.

Some Roulette Wheel History

The basic roulette wheel stayed much the same for centuries, until a pair of French brothers named François and Louis Blanc in 1842, decided to change the odds of the game and introduced the zero to the wheel. Not long after, when the game of roulette was introduced in the United States the extra zero, or double zero. Many roulette wheel manufacturers now advertise how easy it is to maintain their particular brand and many casinos are now adding new wheels to their establishments to cut maintenance costs and criticism of less than quality wheels in their games. The introduction of online roulette game has changed many of these complaints however as more and more people on a global basis are taking to the game.

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